Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet My Handsome Brother Adam-28!

Hello everyone!  Today I am linking up to Kelly's Korner for her SUYL- Singles!  I have been reading her blog for some time and decided to try this out for my brother. What do we have to lose, right?  I know I am biased but I think my brother is the best. (And SUPER handsome!)  I am very proud of him and cannot wait for him to find that special lady to share his life with.  I know she is out there somewhere!  Without further ado, meet my brother Adam!

Adam is 28 years old and is in the US military.  He is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He has a pretty prestigious job (special forces) and has worked very hard to get to where he is today. 
Adam is very smart, and can carry on a conversation about anything from football and sports to politics and history. He is extremely outgoing and can talk to anyone.  He is also one of the funniest guys I know.  Adam has a huge heart..he loves kids and is so great with them (especially my son Nolan and daughter Arden). He cannot wait to have a family of his own one day. I know he will make a fantastic dad.  
(Adam with his daughter..Arden) :-)
Uncle Adam and Arden

Uncle Adam, me, and my son Nolan

I told asked Adam that I would be posing this today, and although maybe a bit hesitant at first he gave me the go-ahead.  I asked him to write about what he is looking for in a girl/relationship and a little about himself and instead of re-wording it I thought I would just share it coming straight from him..just as it is.  From Adam...

I gave this some thought and here goes-

Im from the south(Florida, and yes that IS the south), and have always been drawn to southern belles. Im super picky, but only because I know what I want. Theres a few things that can make or break it for me, punctuation is clearly not one of them :-). I love dogs, by far the best pets. Im super active and love sports. I love the gym and especially love crossfit.

My Friends are always amazed at how I can be put into a room full of people I dont know and within an hour I know everyone. I love making people laugh. I have a pretty big personality so I def. dont mind when a girl can put me in my place. Im way too laid back for drama. I think communication is a huge deal. Especially for what I do for a living, being able to communicate is a big thing. I'm super busy but I'm ready to make some real time for someone. I eventually want a family, which wasnt always the case. But when my sister had her kids, and I saw how I fell in love with them I realized how much better it would be to have kids of my own one day. Im patient, I know how to treat a lady. I know that the little things count.  

I would say a perfect match would be a girl with a ton of confidence, funny, witty, outgoing, athletic, passionate (about something... anything) and spiritually open. I need someone that doesn't mind getting a little dirty ,listens to country music, can drink a beer (but can't out drink me) and eat wings while watching football with me, and isn't shy, but feels more comfortable dressed up and drinks wine. I think thats actually the definition of a southern belle. Which is why I'm such a sucker...

In the last year of my life God has certainly opened a lot of doors and closed others, which I am very thankful for. I have learned a lot about myself and what I want, so I decided to give this a shot. My ideal fall Saturday would start with a workout, then some college gameday, fire up the grill have a few beers and enjoy each other and our friends. I love being in the company of great friends and family. Watching some football and just relaxing. Having said that, I am always up for new adventures and trying new things. The more you open up and the more you experience the more well rounded you become, and I am looking for someone to want to do those things with.

I like going to concerts, especially country. Im super biased but i believe its the best music, however i can listen to just about anything. I also believe the south is the best part of our country, I love everything about it. Family, Football and Religion and not in any particular order either...

Adam and our mom                                                      Adam and I

Our dad and Adam

Soooooo...what do you think??? If you are interested in talking to Adam or know someone who may be a good match, please email me at and I will send it along. You are welcome to comment here as well.


  1. Hi, Danielle!

    Adam sounds like a wonderful guy! I am 23 years old and currently living in Van Buren, Arkansas where I have a career in corporate sales for a publicly traded transportation company. I have a Bachelors in Marketing and truly love my job! I moved around a lot as a kid with my dad's job, so I grew up in Alabama and Mississippi - I'm definitely a southern girl! I LOVE football and am extremely social. Tailgating is one of my favorite things to do. When Adam said a girl who "isn't afraid to get dirty and can drink a few beers but is also comfortable dressed up and drinks wine"... That fits me to a T! I also LOVE country music - Eric Church and Luke Bryan are two of my very favorites in concert. God is #1 in my life and second comes my family. I LOVE children and babysat all through college, and having a family of my own is definitely very important to me - but I'm in no big rush! I come from a very laid back and fun family, and am extremely family-oriented. Because I moved a lot growing up (Arkansas is the 5th state I've lived in) I'm not afraid of moving and change and I also love to travel and try new things. Being healthy and fit is extremely important to me - & I also love to cook and entertain - I think it's the southern girl in me! :) In addition to work, I am also extremely involved in several local non-profit organizations, including serving as the Chair of Public Relations for the Junior League of Fort Smith. I love to spend time with family, traveling, volunteering, entertaining, shopping (like any southern girl!), camping, the outdoors, art, reading, cooking, and being active. I have two dogs - a Goldendoodle named Major and a Teacup Chihuahua named Bruiser and am a TOTAL dog person - no cats! I would love to learn more about Adam!

  2. Hi there! I posted a link on my blog (below) about my cousin Angela today and we've been scrolling through all the guys (or I should say the *few* that participated). Your brother Adam caught our eye and it sounds like him and Angela have a lot in common! I'd love to connect them and have them learn more about each other :) Angela's email is: angelar3311 @ hotmail . com.

  3. Special Forces? That's awesome! I was a Navy Corpsman (similar to a medic) for four years!

    I'm number 59 on Kelly's list or you can find my blurb here:

    Have a great day!

  4. wow he sounds like quite the catch! cute too!

    god bless him and his troop buddies,they are special for sure!

  5. Hey Danielle! Your brother sounds like a great match for my roommate, Janey. She's in NC and you can read a little about her on my SUYL post-

    If he wants to know a little more about Janey, feel free to email me through my blog and I'll get them in touch!


  6. Hey Danielle! I wrote about my co-worker, Christi, who might be a good match for Adam :)

  7. Hi Danielle!

    I sent you an email with my info and some pics! I look forward to seeing if Adam is interesteed! :)

    Thanks for sharing your brother with us!

    Brooke, 29, Alabama

  8. Hi Danielle- Thanks for introducing Adam to us- he seems like a great guy! I live on the East Coast as well, in NY. Feel free to pass my blog and info along to your brother

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Danielle, The girl he is describing sounds a lot like my sister, #48 on Kelly's Korner today :) Athletic? Check. College Gameday, beer, wings, football? Triple check. Country music? Hello, we're from Nashville! Love it. lol Definite southern belle. You can see more on my blog that is linked and contact her from there if interestee:

  10. You are a handsome young man and I pray you find your dream girl. I mostly just wanted to say Thank You for serving our Country!!!!!

  11. Sounds like a really great guy! I live in NC and would love to get to know him. Here's a little about me.... I am a English teacher and am really involved with the sports at our school. I also LOVE watching college football!! I haven't found the right person yet, but I have prayed for the right person to come along. I normally would never do something like this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

    If he'd like to know more, please have him email me at

  12. I sent you an email yesterday, I'm Charity #116! :)

  13. Adam seems like he would make a great match with my little sister Lindsay! She has so many qualities that Adam wrote about! She is definitely beautiful inside and out and has one of the best personalities ever! I wrote a post about her on another show us your singles. You cn check it out here...
    Also she's living in Winston Salem, NC now! Email me if you'd like to know more at

  14. I wrote about my precious sister. Although they dont have geography in their favor, you never do know...


    1. Her link is #169- Kristin from Austin

  15. Hi! Adam looks like quite the catch! I am 21 years old, and I live in Alabama. I'm in my first year of law school. I would love to get to know him!

  16. thanks for posting about your brother. he seems like a great guy. one of my closest friends posted about me - i'm #218! :)

  17. what about or

  18. My name is Katie. I am 28 and from upstate NY. I am a midwife there. I love the Lord, and want to be a part of His story! I love being outdoors, playing soccer, and spending time with family and friends. He sounds like an awesome guy and I would like to get to know him. My email is

  19. HI,
    I love that Kelly did this and would like to suggest he take a look at my friend's blog where she posted pictures of a family visit with their daughter Amy(28) Amy is in Louisville,Kentucky, and works with Student Life Ministry, while pursuing her masters degree at Southern. She is one of the most lovely, fun girls we have ever met. She has a smile that lights up the room, a great sense of humor, and is incredibly selfless.
    here is the blog address for my friend... Amy can be e-mailed at

    October 1, 2012 8:06 AM