Monday, June 11, 2012

Arden's 1st Dance Recital!

Arden had her very first dance recital on June 2nd, 2012 and she was a HIT!
I really wasn't sure what she was going to do, to be honest. In fact, bets were on that she may not even come on the stage. Boy were we wrong!
We had to be there in the morning for the rehearsal. Here is how it went (just click on the link):
(Disclaimer: I do realize many people already saw this on facebook but some people don't have facebook so I wanted to post it here, too. Hi, mom. :-) )
Arden is the one far left in the black leotard.

She was ready for the big show!
Here is how she did later that night at the actual recital.
Arden is second from the left.

What a lil' showstopper!

It was so late by the time we took pictures after the show that we all look very tired. (Pre-show was a little rushed, no time for pics). I am even sad that Grandma Cleide, Aunt Denise and Demi came and we didn't get any pictures with them since they had to leave early because it got so late. They were there though and we were very thankful that they came!! :-)

Both tired, but me and my little ballerina :-)

Grandma Alicia was there, too!

Nolan was a great sport..he never complained and was happy to be there to support his little sister :-)


Can't wait to start the dance season again in August. :-)

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