Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look who's coming to visit!

Yes, it is the tooth fairy! Nolan lost his first tooth in school today and he is sooo excited! Let's just say the progression of this tooth falling out was not nearly as fun, however. We noticed over the weekend that Nolan's adult tooth was growing in behind the baby tooth. (This is why it's been wiggly for so long but hasn't fallen out). I couldn't believe it when I saw the tooth already coming in! Needless to say, Fabio loosened up that baby tooth pretty good because we knew it needed to come out as soon as possible(Which basically traumatized poor Nolan).
This brought us to yesterday when at the dinner table I thought it came out. Nolan jumped and screamed and all I saw was blood. Yuk, I know. It didn't come out then, but I it did help loosen it up more. (And Nolan would NOT let me even touch it although you could see how loose it was when he talked). This morning, poor Nolan just looked silly. His tooth was completely out, higher than all the rest and leaning way over to the side. He could barely talk, but still wouldn't let me even touch it and Fabio was travelling for work..so he went to school that way. I knew he wasn't going to make it through the day with it hanging like that.

Low and behold, it fell out! I am bummed because he didn't bring the tooth home. I knew that would happen. I actually thought he would swallow it, but instead, he flung it in his classroom and it ended up in th "playdough cabinet". He had a sub and was too embarrassed to tell her, so I wrote a note to his teacher to see if she could help. Otherwise, amongst some cookie cutters and playdough lies Nolan's 1st baby tooth. And he could not be happier. The tooth fairy is on her way! (Which I might add...Nolan told Fabio a few weeks ago that the tooth fairy brings $100 bucks for the first tooth. Um, I don't think so! He is so Fabio's kid).

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