Monday, March 12, 2012

Nolan turns 6!!!

I cannot believe that Nolan turned 6 last week (Wednesday). Where does the time go?  6 years ago, he changed my life in a way I could only imagine.  He brings us so much joy that words just cannot express how much we love this little (tall) guy! And tall he is, I am pretty sure that it wont be much longer before he is as tall as me and catching up to his daddy!!

We celebrated his birthday at Gold Medal Athletics (Double down) the weekend before and everyone had so much fun.  I am pretty sure the dads had as much fun as the kids!

Here are some pictures from his special day...

SO excited he can hardly contain himself. Its PARTY time!

Sister is ready, too!

Nolan wants to take a picture :-)

Arden already found something to get into

Time to BOUNCE!

 Yes, this is my dad on the super trampoline! HA! I told you EVERYONE had fun!

Look at this face..

 I can only imagine what he is thinking here...

Sweet friends...

Dear Nolan,
You are the light of my life. Happy 6th birthday!  I cannot believe how big you are and what a nice young man you are growing up to be.  You are so sweet and tender-hearted. It has been so great watching you grow to be such a good big brother to Arden (although I know she can be a handful) and I look forward to watching your relationship continue.  You are so sweet and patient with her (for the most part).  You play so well with her.  You are also fiercly independent and stand your ground.  Although that can be tough for me at times, I am glad that you won't let anyone push you around and you stand firm in what you believe or want. That will be a great quality to have as you get older.  You are so bright, it amazes me. You were tested at school and are reading at a late third grade level.  Your teacher Ms. Moon wants to test you for gifted next year. You love to be challenged. And you LOVE to do your homework. EVEN on the weekends. You crack me up! (And I can only hope that continues!)
You are playing flag football for the first time and you LOVE it. I wasnt sure if you would be aggressive enough at first but boy was I wrong! You have gotten so much better in just a few short weeks and I am so proud of you. Yes, I will be that mom on the sidelines always cheering you on.
Daddy and I are your biggest fans.
You are almost about to lose your first tooth and it has been the biggest deal.  Your hands are always in your mouth wiggling them to "help" them fall out faster.  I think you are excited for the tooth fairy to come, but I think you are more excited that losing a tooth means you are officially "growing up". This makes me so sad!
A funny thing I want to remember is the morning of your actual birthday...You were so excited to be 6 finally. You told me "Mom, me turning 6 means the hair on my legs is going to turn from blonde to dark!" I laughed so hard.  You ALWAYS keep me laughing and on my toes.
I dont think you remember anymore our time of just you and I when you were little but I sure do and I will cherish it forever.  You were my first introduction into motherhood and I couldnt' have asked for a better son.  Although I want to bottle you up and keep you this little forever I often find myself wondering what you will be like as a teenager, or what college you will go to, or how I will cry my eyes out the day you get married.  The sky is the limit, Nolan, and I am so glad I get to be a part of your journey!

You make me so proud and I am the luckiest mom in the world.  Happy 6th birthday big guy!
I love you to the moon and back!
Mom :-)

March 7, 2012. Actual birthday morning :-)

Daddy surprised Nolan at school for lunch. He was so excited!

Nolan's birthday was great, but we ended the day at the mini ER. He has an asthma/bronchial attack that I couldn't get under control with the nebulizer so we had to go in. He is still smiling though! He kept telling me he had a great birthday. We just made it through all the birthday festivities because the next day he had to stay home from school. Whew! (He is much better now)

In the middle of birthday week, our good friends from Raleigh came in to visit. These are a few of my favorite pics.  Future boyfriend and girlfriend Arden and Parker.

Love that he is like, "hmmmm..." in this picture :-)

 The Group: Peyton, Nolan, Parker and Arden! Love them, so glad they stayed with us. :-)

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