Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dance and Football

So Arden started dance this month and Nolan started football, both for the first time. They absolutely LOVE it!  I was really worried that Arden may be a little young, but she does really well. They don't let parents in the class but I can see her through the window. She sometimes has a hard time staying still while she is waiting for her turn, and she sometimes comes to the door to give me a hug, but overall, it's been good.  Her recital is in June (and her costume is SOOO cute!). I cannot wait to see what she does on that stage. (If she even GOES on the stage...ha!)

Nolan is just loving football, and I am not going to lie, Fabio and I are loving that he loves it so much.  It is perfect that he is starting with flag to learn the basics of football before we put him in pop warner.  He had a great run in his first game last weekend, but when it came time to play defense he tried to pull the flag of ANY player on the other team. Oops, forgot to tell him in practice when they play sharks and minnows and just go after anyone, its not quite like that in the game. Once we corrected that, he did great! 

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Arden takes class with her sweet friends Demi and Berkley. :-)

Handsome guy ready for his first practice!

Sassy sister, ready for the game :-)

I love that they are actually reviewing plays in this next picture, ha!

These 2 sure do keep me busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. So so cute...just wanna burst into tears when you watch these kids get so big and do such amazing things! Where has time gone?!