Sunday, May 8, 2011

A post FULL of pictures, as promised!

These pictures will take you back over the last couple of months, so there are A LOT of pictures! Enjoy!

Shoes too cute not to post a picture of :-)

Arden and Nolan were not feeling great..we tried to get a cute family shot

Fastest vacation ever...our 24 hour trip to the Boca Beach Waldorf Astoria.
Had to come home early because Fabio got a call while we were there do his 6th interview with the company he wanted to get hired on with. It was well worth it, he ended up getting the job. :-)

Hold on, Arden had to take a call at dinner.

LOVE these chubby little legs :-)

Cousin Jordan stops by to visit!

Arden says Jordan has eyes...

 And yes, Arden, those are Jordan's ears. Ha!

A little too much cousin love :-)

Nolan started soccer again. He is in the under 7 league now, playing with the bigger kids!

"Excuse me, I have an important call again."
WHAT am I going to do with her? LOL

"Never mind, I will just text you"

UNCLE ADAM comes to visit!

And Poppie, too!

I love the matching chairs we got them :-)

A little sideline coaching from Uncle Adam

Happy Easter 2011!!!

Until next time! :-)

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