Monday, September 20, 2010

Arden Grace is 11 months!

Arden, you are 11 months old this month!
(I made this outift for her. I have to say, isn't it the cutest?)
We are so in love.
You are such a happy, content baby and we could not feel more lucky.
At 11 months, you weigh 23 pounds. :-)

You got your first cold when Nolan started school and brought home some yucky germs. Other than that you have been so healthy!
You have 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom. One more is starting to come through.
You are crawling super fast and pull up on everything. When you don't realize it, you will stand by yourself.
Still no walking though.

We have found you "playing" with Nolan and it is the cutest thing ever. He talks to you and you just listen and play. We love seeing you together. You LOVE your big brother.  I am pretty sure he is crazy about you, too.
You started swim lessons! Although you don't love it, we know you need to learn how to swim to keep up with Nolan! You are doing great.

You are definitely a daddy's girl. You can say "mama" and you do when you get hurt or feel sad, but other than that it is always "dada".  When you hear the garage door open and know he is home, you crawl so fast to the door to wait for him to come in. It is so cute.

You found this little doggy of Nolan's that you have instantly become attached to.
It is so cute to watch you smother it and kiss it. You want to take it everywhere with you.
You even try to crawl with it!

Your birthday party is right around the corner and planning is in full swing.
I cannot believe you are going to be ONE!

We cannot thank God enough for you and your brother.
We look forward to everyday with you and are so lucky God chose us to be your parents!


Love you pretty girl!
Momma :-)

***Nolan has surgery on Thursday, say a prayer everything goes well and his recovery is fast! :-)
I will update as soon as I can :-)

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