Monday, March 22, 2010

44 More Days!

Until our first family vacation of FOUR!
We booked our Disney Cruise last night and we cannot wait. We are leaving for 4 nights on May 9.
Fabio and I have been working so hard and we cannot wait to get away with our kids and just be a family.

I swear I haven't forgotten about my blog...been super busy but will be posting more this week!

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  1. Wooooo Hoooooo! Both of you (all of you) are so deserving of this.......make sure you pack Arden's "skinny" jeans and Nolan's "bubblegum" that he loves so much(lol)......take loads of pictures and promise to be know I will be holding my breath until you guys are safe back home......Mom...Grandma Alicia xxoo