Thursday, February 4, 2010

A First and a Last

A First.....
On February 1st, Arden ate cereal from a bowl for the FIRST time! YAY! What a big girl!

Let me show you pictures so you can see how it went. :-)

Arden.... "What is mommy doing?"


"Well this is new!"

"Hmmm..." not sure what to do :-)

Thinking for a minute...

"I LIKE IT!!!!"

"You watchin' daddy?"

"I think I am done."

Yep, DONE. HA!!!

And A Last....

Well, I am embarrassed to say but yes, Nolan still would use his binky every now and again at night for comfort. It was just one of those things we never really broke him of. When he turned 1 and we got rid of the bottle, we just did it cold turkey and it never fazed him. Done. But the binky has been a different story. Nolan is very attached to it, but I think even more Fabio and I just had the hardest time taking it away. It meant he was really growing up. Well, that, and we were really scared he wouldn't sleep. And he is a GREAT sleeper. And then we thought he would just regress with having Arden on a binky. Well, she hates the binky, so no concern there. We started talking about getting rid of it around Christmas and talked about giving them to Santa. It was a great idea to Nolan until it got closer and it really upset him that Santa was going to have his "binks". Instead of making Nolan be hateful to Santa, we decided that wasn't a good idea and the time wasn't right. (another excuse)

Tonight we got to talking and decided we really needed to get rid of them. Nolan is going to be 4, my goodness. So we decided to tell Nolan that there were babies all over the place that weren't as lucky as he is and they don't have binkies. And that they would be so happy to get his binkies in the mail since he is a big boy now. He thought about it and AGREED! The stipulation was though that he got to help write the address to the home where the babies lived and pick where he would "send" them. Please see the address he chose. He helped put them inside, and he chose for them to all go to AUSTRALIA. Ha!
So, he put a stamp on his binky package, and off to Australia it goes. (well, not really, but you know). And Nolan, being as sensitive as he is, had no problem giving the binkies to the babies that didn't have them. That's my little guy, with a big heart.
And so how did he do come bedtime?
He is sound asleep.

We did it!



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  1. Such big steps.....I feel like Nolan went off to college and Arden got engaged (not really but you know....time sure is flying by). I remember when Nolan was born.....never mind Nolan, I remember when you (Danielle) were born. Great job Mom and Dad!

    Love Mom (Alicia)......XX00