Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Post

Hello!  No, I haven't forgotten about my blog! 
I have been so sick this past week with some sort of flu and sinus infection that it really knocked the life out of me!  I just can't seem to shake this thing. I am slowly but surely on the mend and getting back to normal I think.
Nothing major to report...we layed low this weekend and just got some things done at home.
Arden is still doing well sleeping through the night (praise God!!!) and now I just have to stop coughing all night to enjoy a good night's sleep!
I can't believe Arden is going to be 5 months old this week..but even more shocking is that my lil' guy is going to be 4!  FOUR!  I cannot believe it.  Where does the time go? I know everyone says that, but I swear I can remember the day I had him.  It seems like just yesterday.
I am starting to get emotional just thinking about how fast kids grow up and how you have to cherish every little thing they do because they change so quickly.  Sniff, sniff...

Here is a great pic from last weekend. We were on our way to Bahama Breeze.

My 2 Lovebugs :-)

Here are some other pictures of us at the park last weekend. The weather was so beautiful here we had to spend time outside. We had a picnic in the park and Nolan fed the ducks.






More later in the week as we get closer to the birthdays..I am off to try and get some rest. :-)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleep update and pics from last weekend!

So, are you curious how Arden has been doing with her sleep? We are on 6 nights of her sleeping through the night!  WOO HOO!  Only once did she wake up one of the nights and cried just for maybe 10 minutes and that was it. The rest of the week she has done great.  Fingers crossed it continues.  We are very happy.

I also wanted to post some pics from last weekend. My dad came into town to visit and I remembered to grab the camera!  Look how happy Nolan is to have his "Poppie" here visiting!



Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To post or not to post?

The reason I say that is because it seems like every time I post about Arden's sleeping progress and get all excited, it seems to backfire and I eat my words.
I thought about it and in the spirit of wanting to keep things documented, which is why I decided to start the blog in the first place, I decided I would let you know how last night went. 
(I will say "she"  and "her" just in case) 
hee hee.

Well, it's the second night in her OWN crib.  Sunday night, she woke up once.
Last night, we put her down at 7, and guess what?
Fabio and I actually had to wake up both kids this morning at 7:40!
I was honestly a little was so weird they both slept so long!
Nolan isn't feeling well (he threw up the night before) so I guess that explained his sleeping in.

Amazing, huh?

Let's see if it was a fluke.  I am "cautiously optimistic."
I will update tomorrow!!!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Arden's Stats Update!

We just got back from the Dr and Arden is as healthy as can be!  She is 17 pounds and 24 3/4 inches which puts her in the 75th percentile for height and 90th for weight! Ha!
She is right on track developmentally and we got the go ahead to start veggies and fruits!
Green beans here we come!
(Pictures to come!)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Someone had a birthday!

Yep!  Arden Grace turned 4 months old on Friday.  I cannot believe how fast she is growing up!  Can I just freeze time?
What is Arden up to these days?
Well, I am finally only getting up once in the night around 1.  I go down at 7 without a fuss and wake up around 7, so mommy and daddy are much happier now that I am sleeping more.  I am still not in a great daytime nap routine, but it is getting better.
I still sleep in the bassinet next to mommy and daddy, but only for another week.  Mommy and daddy are waiting to put me in my crib when I am not so stuffy.
I am very chubby still.  I wear a size 3 diaper!  Mommy says it's because of my chubby legs. :-)
I am still wearing size 3-6 months clothes mainly, but have started to creep up in the 6 month range depending on what it is.  (I told you I am chubby!)  I go to the dr tomorrow so mommy will update my "stats" then.  I wonder how much I weigh?
I "talk" up a storm and love to watch my crazy big brother Nolan. 
I am definitely a daddy's girl.  I light up when I see daddy's face or hear his voice.
I am trying to roll over and can get my entire top half to go but my bottom gets stuck..I think it may be too heavy :-).
But, I can lift up when I am on my belly really good and I kick like crazy like I am swimming.
I sit up really well with support.
I love to reach for things and hold onto them.  Dangling toys are very exciting to me.
I still love my 2 fingers in my mouth. No binky.
Arden, mommy just wants you to know that you are the light of my life! You and your brother are such blessings to me and watching you guys grow up makes my heart so full! 
Each day with you is such a joy.  Don't grow up too fast.
I love you baby girl!

On another note, yesterday we had such a great family day. The weather here could not have been nicer.  We took the kids to a little town called Mt. Dora where they had a nice outdoor art festival.  It was such a great day!  Here are some pics. :-)

Can you find Arden?  Heehee.  It was cold.

Enjoying the live music!

Last, just some updates.  Nolan got his cast off!  Woo hoo!  The doctor says the arm looks is still a bit bowed but will eventually straighten out over the next couple of months.  He just has to be a little careful with it since its a bit weak but otherwise, he is good to go.
Fab has been feeling better and hasn't had any heart issues lately thank goodness!  We are still monitoring though, but so far so good.

SOOOO much to thank God for!

I have been super busy with work and trying to plan Nolan's birthday party which is the first weekend in March. Stay tuned for details.
On another side note.  I went to MOPS (mothers of prescholers) last week and just love it!  To all of my mom friends, if you have never been to MOPS, I encourage you to see if you have one in your area!  It is only once a month, and they provide childcare too.
It was so much fun this past month and I am so glad we have it here in Avalon Park.  Its a chance to just be with other moms and chat.  At the meeting last week, we had a cooking demonstration, we did a craft, talked about husbands and balancing our time, and ate brunch!

Alright, time to get some laundry folded.  Have a great week!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A First and a Last

A First.....
On February 1st, Arden ate cereal from a bowl for the FIRST time! YAY! What a big girl!

Let me show you pictures so you can see how it went. :-)

Arden.... "What is mommy doing?"


"Well this is new!"

"Hmmm..." not sure what to do :-)

Thinking for a minute...

"I LIKE IT!!!!"

"You watchin' daddy?"

"I think I am done."

Yep, DONE. HA!!!

And A Last....

Well, I am embarrassed to say but yes, Nolan still would use his binky every now and again at night for comfort. It was just one of those things we never really broke him of. When he turned 1 and we got rid of the bottle, we just did it cold turkey and it never fazed him. Done. But the binky has been a different story. Nolan is very attached to it, but I think even more Fabio and I just had the hardest time taking it away. It meant he was really growing up. Well, that, and we were really scared he wouldn't sleep. And he is a GREAT sleeper. And then we thought he would just regress with having Arden on a binky. Well, she hates the binky, so no concern there. We started talking about getting rid of it around Christmas and talked about giving them to Santa. It was a great idea to Nolan until it got closer and it really upset him that Santa was going to have his "binks". Instead of making Nolan be hateful to Santa, we decided that wasn't a good idea and the time wasn't right. (another excuse)

Tonight we got to talking and decided we really needed to get rid of them. Nolan is going to be 4, my goodness. So we decided to tell Nolan that there were babies all over the place that weren't as lucky as he is and they don't have binkies. And that they would be so happy to get his binkies in the mail since he is a big boy now. He thought about it and AGREED! The stipulation was though that he got to help write the address to the home where the babies lived and pick where he would "send" them. Please see the address he chose. He helped put them inside, and he chose for them to all go to AUSTRALIA. Ha!
So, he put a stamp on his binky package, and off to Australia it goes. (well, not really, but you know). And Nolan, being as sensitive as he is, had no problem giving the binkies to the babies that didn't have them. That's my little guy, with a big heart.
And so how did he do come bedtime?
He is sound asleep.

We did it!



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