Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It goes so fast...Arden is 3 months old today!

Happy 3 Months Arden!

Today Arden did not want to do her birthday photo shoot. She just wasn't in the "smiley" mood.  So these are the only 2 pictures we got.  The minute I put the camera down, she would laugh.  Little stinker.

It is so cold here today that we decided to stay in and stay in pajamas.  These types of days are so nice every now and again.  But of course, she had to have a bow for pictures.


So what am I up to these days?
I don't go back to the doctor until next month, but mommy thinks I am about 14 HEALTHY pounds now.
I am in a size 2 diaper.
I do NOT like my binky, but mommy and daddy wish I did and still try.
I drink about 6 bottles a day.
When I go to sleep at 7, I go down without a fuss. I sleep until about 2, and then again until 6.  This makes mommy and daddy very happy.
I still sleep in the bassinet next to mommy and daddy but am working on transitioning to my crib for daytime naps.  I don't love it there yet.
Speaking of daytime naps, I am on NO schedule yet. I sleep whenever and it makes it very hard for mommy!  Hopefully soon I will be settling into a daytime schedule.
I laugh out loud and am a very happy baby.
But, I am also very high maintenance.  (Daddy calls me "Danielle" sometimes).  That crazy daddy!
Speaking of daddy, I think he is hysterical.  I laugh at him all the time.
I love my big brother and watch his every move. I can't wait to talk to him and tell him to stop rubbing me on the top of my head. He does that to me all the time. :-)
I love when mommy holds me. I get into a trans with her and just stare.  I know she is my mommy. My face lights up when I see her.
I "talk" a lot and make all kinds of noises and love to mimic and have "conversations".
I hold my head up pretty good and am working on sitting up with support.
I love to go shopping with mommy. I am a really good girl with her.  But, I also really like to watch football. I laugh and swat at the tv when it is on. I can stare at it for the longest time.
I think that's about it for now.
Bundle up, everyone!  It is COLD!
EDIT:  Just an FYI, Nolan had his DR appointment yesterday and he does NOT need surgery!  Praise God! His arm is still "crooked" but Dr says it is healing nicely in the cast and we will check the progress again in 2 weeks.  The highlight is he finally has his "verde" (that's green for all the non-spanish speakers..ha!!!) cast!  Only my kid asks the ER doctor for a "Verde" cast!

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