Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! And some other random stuff :-)

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't believe it's 2010. I am looking forward to this year. I love that we get a chance to start fresh and really think about what things we want to change and do differently or do more of for the new year. I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting. I am excited to take a little better care of myself and lose the last 15 pounds I have from my pregnancy. I vow to exercise more. I want to be more patient with the kids, spend more one on one time with Fabio, and find the time to do more of the personal things I like to do, too. I want to do some neat things in my "virtual classroom". And I want to make sure I am present for my family and friends. I am excited.

We spent brining in the new year as a family of 4 at home. We visited with the family a bit in the evening but then came home and put the kids to bed. It's pretty hard to do anything to exciting with a 10 week old and a 3 1/2 year old. Plus, I have to be honest. We are getting old and can't keep our eyes open ourselves past 10! I think Fabio was asleep by 11. I actually had to wake him up right before the ball dropped just so he could see it. Boy things sure have changed! Ha!

Anyway, a few days before New Year's Nolan had his first major accident. Fabio took him to check the mail on his new bike that Grandma bought him for Christmas. It was only his 2nd time on the bike but he was riding it like a pro. Of course, it had training wheels, but he was still balancing and riding it well! Well, just like a Munroe, he was a bit too confident and was riding faster and faster. Fabio kept telling him to slow down but nope, he didn't. He ended up hitting a hole where the drain crate and road meet and because of the training wheels, it tipped the bike. Nolan put his arm down to break the fall, and well, you can imagine what happened.

Yep. A broken arm. Not just in one place, but 2. :-( We spent that night in the ER at Arnold Palmer.


That picture was right after they put him to sleep to put the arm back in place and cast him. I will spare you the pictures of the arm before, it is pretty yuk. Looked like an "s". My heart broke for him.

Tomorrow we go for our follow up appointment with the pediatric orthopedic trauma doctor to see if he needs surgery and to get a new cast now that the swelling has gone down. Pray he doesn't need surgery.

He is doing pretty well despite having a cast. It's amazing how kids just figure things out. That cast wasn't going to stop him from playing his new drums and instruments that santa brought him or the new video game either! I don't think we even had to give him pain medicine but once. He is a trooper. I will let you know how tomorrow goes.

On another note, we went to the Citrus Bowl parade a few days ago in downtown Orlando and had a great time. It was the first real parade we had been to in a while! (other than the UCF homecoming parades and annual Avalon Park parades) Nolan had a blast.






The past couple of days we have really been cleaning up the house and cleaning things out for a big garage sale we are going to have in February. I love getting organized and making room for new things! Ha!

Here is just a random picture from today. It is so cold here that we didn't want to leave the house and realized we just needed a few things from Target. Arden was so happy today. She is my angel baby.


And last, I am leaving you with one special picture that was atken at my step siter, Alexis's wedding back in November. It is my dad holding Arden and she was so comfortable and sound asleep. I just love this picture and want to share it. :-)


Well, I am off to make a meatloaf and finish up some laundry.

Here's to a Happy New Year!!

Much Love!

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