Saturday, January 9, 2010

BRRRR...It's COLD outside!

And Arden does NOT like it!  Or maybe she doesn't like that hat that we just thought was the cutest thing ever on her?  We couldn't stop laughing she looked so stinkin' cute!


It has been such a cold weekend here..I even saw some snow today as Arden and I were headed out early to a baby shower!  My car read "32 degrees/ ice". It's never said that before!  After the shower, Arden and I ventured to the mall to do some shopping and there were soooo many people at the mall it was crazy! 

Just want to post some cute pictures from the past couple of days :-)

Arden looking like a big girl!


My handsome big boy eating breakfast..notice the "verde" cast?


Arden and I on the way to our baby shower and shopping day!


Tomorrow is My sister-in-laws birthday (Holly) and we are going to a nice place for lunch.  Then to the grocery store and home to get ready for the week.  It is supposed to be even colder tomorrow!  I am enjoying the change because before we know it will be 90 degrees again!

Good Night!

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