Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Like Mommy, Like Daughter!

Okay, so Arden's 2 month Dr. appointment yesterday went great!  She is gaining weight (ahem...the cheeks?), getting longer, and developmentally right on track!  YAY!  She had to get her first round of shots which she did not like at all, but who does?  Then...................

We pierced her ears!  Our pediatrician does it in her office and it was great.  They use these u-shaped plastic piercers with the back on one end and the earring on the other.  These have to stay in for 6 weeks and then we can change them to special ones that we buy.  She looks ADORABLE!  What a girly-girl, just like her MOM!!!

Here's a look at the little princess!

They are a bit hard to see..look closely!

She likes her new earrings!

I know you can't see the earrings her but wanted to put this picture up because I just love this outfit!

Good Night!
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