Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whew! I am tired....

First, let me show you this cool picture frame I made for Nolan to display his soccer pictures from this season.  I thought this was a cute way to put them together..Nolan loved it!  He looks at all of his friends each night before he goes to's so cute. :-)

The weekend started off with a quick trip to Cape Coral for my step-sister Alexis's wedding.  We left on Thursday and came back Friday after the wedding (it was a morning wedding).  It was a quick trip but we had a nice time!  Here are some pics...

My sweet baby girl all dressed up

And her handsome big brother

Mommy and Daddy

My dad, me and my brother, Adam

Fab and his baby girl

Little Angel

Tried to get a sibling picture but Arden wasn't having it

Oh well, we tried :-)

Saturday morning we woke up early and went to the UCF homecoming parade.  Nolan LOVES this!  We had a blast...saw some friends from college and hung out on campus a while.  It was a gorgeous morning.  I only got one picture though before my camera battery died :-(

Future UCF Cheerleader :-)

After UCF, we went to the mall to get some last minute things for our Christmas pictures tomorrow.  We have lots of house stuff to do tomorrow too to get ready for Thanksgiving.  And, I have some work things to do too as I go back to work on Monday.  I am excited, a bit nervous, and anxious to get started again to see how I am going to juggle everything.  I feel good about things though and have really good help between my mom, Fab's mom, Nolan's nanny "Miss Lauren" who I would die without and Nolan going to school. 

Let's hope I survive!

Now, if only I can get some sleep!

Have a good night!

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