Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

What a great weekend! 

Friday night we went to a halloween festival here in Avalon Park where we live. Nolan had a blast at the bounce houses and loved dancing on the stage with all of the other kids.  Saturday morning we had Nolan's soccer game and then watched some football in the afternoon.  Trick or treating started about 7ish...Nolan was a fireman and we even had a halloween outfit for baby Arden!  The kids looked adorable.  Nolan was so excited to get candy, but I actually think he gets more excited to give out the candy and see all of the costumes!  He definitely ate way to much sugar yesterday. Oh well...I guess that's what it's all about!  Today, Fabio and I got a chance to really clean our pool/patio area and we managed to do it with both kids at home with us!  We felt very productive and the kids were really good.

We are still pretty tired these days but the "shifts" seem to be working out well for us.  The only bad part is how early I have to go to bed so I dont get much time to myself to do anything for "me"..but that's okay.  I know soon Arden will turn a corner and start sleeping a little better.  Part of me just wants to keep her this little anyway even if it means sacrificing sleep.  She is so sweet and snuggly.  Did I mention how blessed we are??

This week I am taking on a new house project while I am still not working..stay tuned for pictures :-).  I am now on to trying to get the house ready for hosting Thanksgiving like we do each year.  This is my favorite time of the year...and I am so looking forward to the cooler weather! 

I am finally getting my hair done tomorrow which is a nice treat...a couple of hours to myself with no kids!  I am starting to feel a little better...I am down 30 pounds since having Arden and have 25 more to go to reach my ideal weight.  That's why you don't see me in many of the pictures...I just gain so much weight pregnant! Ugh!  Anyway....

I am going to post a bunch of pictures from this weekend but also from Nolan's soccer games, his pumpkin patch field trip with his class, and some other random things.  Enjoy!  Until next time...

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Nolan's Soccer Games

Nolan's School Field Trip

Nolan's Halloween Party at School

Halloween Festival in Avalon

Trick or Treat!

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  1. I loved it.....just send some of this pictures to our family and friends in Brazil...keep them update.