Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet my new best friend!

Oh my goodness!  We FINALLY got some rest last night!  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

This formula did the trick!  Don't want to talk so soon, but...we gave her 2oz of this new "nighttime only" formula mixed with her regular formula, and Arden ate at 11, then again at 3 and then at 7!  This is a BIG difference compared to what we have been getting.  I read over 100 reviews on this formula and it was 50/50...50% of mom's said it was a miracle product and their kids started sleeping and 50% said it did not work at all.  I prayed yesterday that we would be in the 50% that it works for and it DID!
Now, fingers crossed that it continues to work. With a little sleep, I feel like a million bucks!
Time to do some things around the house!
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